A Full Range of Washing Services

We wash our cars, we wash our clothes, we keep the inside of our homes neat and clean or try to! In fact, most of us perform reoccurring maintenance on the things in our lives that are important or expensive, and for good reason. By keeping them maintained, not only are they more aesthetically pleasing, but they’re also going to last longer, and bring us a sense of safety and comfort. So, on the scale of important and expensive, safe and comfortable, where does the exterior of your home rank? Exactly, and that’s’ where we come in!


Concrete Driveways & Walkways






Wood, Metal, Vinyl, and Stucco Siding


Shingle, Metal, and Stone Roofs

Algae on House Siding

Why Clean?

In Southeast Texas, most of what you see on your home’s exterior is organic material. Algae, mold, and moss, living on, and sometimes off, your home! Whether it is the darkening shade of grey that’s developing over the driveway, the brown streaks that are dominating the North face of your roof, or the green stuff that’s slowly creeping along the side of the house, it is important to take care of it all, and here is why.

While a lot of people are quick to get the driveway pressure washed, the truth is your roof and side walls also truly need attention. That green stuff is alive, spreading and will begin to make its way to the inside of your walls, if not dealt with. The streaks on the roof are equally as important, especially if you have a shingled roof. It is not just dirt and sediment from the wind and rain, it is algae, moss, or mold, feeding off the materials in your shingles. We already have enough deterioration of our shingles with the Southeast Texas sun, we don’t need moss, mold, and algae to speed things up! 

Full Line of Services

SRR Soft Washing is equipped to handle all your exterior cleaning needs with a full line of services including traditional high pressure washing for hard flat surfaces like concrete driveways, walkways, and patios. For the softer surfaces like brick, wood, metal, vinyl, or stucco siding and your shingle, metal and stone roofs, a high-pressure system will cause damage. For that, we use our low-pressure soft wash system and proprietary algaecide and surfactant mix.

We can also, take those “tiger stripes” out of your gutters and remove rust or battery acid stains from your driveway.  And the final touch… making those hard-to-reach exterior windows gleam, with our soft water window cleaning system.

Gutter Tiger Stripes

Look at these results that follow and give us a call for a free consultation and pricing!

Roof Washing

Roof Before Roof After


siding before siding after


Gutter Before

Flat Surfaces

driveway before driveway after

Property protection is our #1 priority. We go to great lengths during our preparation process to ensure that the job is done in the correct order and that all measures have been taken to ensure that the no damage is done to the home or vegetation. Therefore, we often require an initial inspection of your property, which is provided free of charge.